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Northern Ohio Firefighters

2017 Ride will be June 9th -June 11th and will be starting at Clare-Mar Lakes Campground

Stories and Articles

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Snatched from the Jaws of Death
"Something was wrong.  As I looked at the top of the tank bag I realized there was no ziplock bag and no passport, registration and insurance card.  Yes, I panicked.  I had that horrible sinking feeling that I was really in trouble...."

"My buddy schemed to get me involved in true insanity: Riding a very small bike with a group of the afflicted in a one-day blast around Lake Erie.  He was picking up a Honda 125S that qualified for the middle class, and the seller just happened to also have available a cool and cherry ’90 Honda NS50F which should be great for class 1...."

Give Me Three Steps
"The bikes had road grime on ‘em.   Come to think of it, so did the bikers.  And they were BIKERS.  Their vests, dare I say their “colors” matched and even though well worn, I could make out the most important words...“Hell’s Angels.”

The Other Dog
At the possibility that the alternator was at fault, I decided to find a fully equipped cycle shop with an open lift and full set of tools. Since I did not see that happening, I selected a driveway which led to a farm house. We immediately got to it and were well aware of a snarling mass of man eating dog beast trying for all he was worth to break the chain on his neck and reduce the human population count by a few heads..."

Lake Erie Loop III
"There were now 3 CB200’s on the loose, slicing through Cleveland‘s expressway rush hour traffic like a hot knife through butter!  I slowly reeled Doug in and together we chased McElfresh...."

It was a Crazy Idea Anyway

"It was now 8:30 at night and with a mere 90 miles to go I was already savoring the chance to get warm and eat, when the bike lost power and started to backfire and miss..."

Take It to the Limit
"Soon enough, the road demons would strike me again.s  Something in the front end of the bike had gone a foul.  Praying that it would stay together long enough for me to get to the shoulder but having no idea what was wrong, I slowed and pulled to the safety of the roadside..."

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