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2017 Ride will be June 9th -June 11th and will be starting at Clare-Mar Lakes Campground

LakeErieLoop (LEL)  Frequently Asked Questions

What's this all about? 

It is a race (technically a rally) - We start at 6am sharp on Saturday morning, just south of Wellington Ohio.  You ride your bike around Lake Erie. First one back wins!

Can I ride a Bigger bike, over 250CC?
YES! You can ride any bike in the event, but you CAN NOT RACE! We call it the "touring class" and you get to ride along, but for just for fun and the great scenery (and you still get to ride with with some great, perhaps even legendary, motorcyclists).

What will I need?
You will need a Passport to cross the border. We suggest rain gear, extra cash and a credit card. A helmet and good clothing (layers) and boots.  A cell phone and a few basic tools are suggested. Many "racers" carry a little extra fuel and snacks too, just to keep stops to a minimum.

The event starts and ends at Clare Mar Lakes Campground so most people stay there.  The camp sites are great, they have lots of RV parking and they even rent cabins for reasonable rates!  We will serve meals Friday night, snacks and coffee Saturday morning before the race, Saturday night meal after the race, and breakfast on Sunday.

How much does it cost?

$50 to race or $25 to just ride (remember it is for a good cause) plus $24 bucks for meals.... (bring extra cash for shirts and other LEL stuff, hint, hint, etc.)   Camping rates are $25 for a basic site with electricity (deluxe sites with water, sewer, etc. may cost extra), and up to $200 for a cabin. Rates are for Friday and Saturday night.

When is it?
 You need to arrive sometime on Friday in time to get registered and get some rest!  The event starts at 6AM Saturday morning, rain or shine.  The event ends Sunday after breakfast and our special "awards ceremony" and auction.

Do I have to race?

NO!!!!! you ride as fast as you want!  Stop as often as you want! You can ride ANY (legal) bike you want, taking any route you want!  So don't worry, just come for a GREAT road trip for a good cause! The roads around Lake Erie are fun to ride.  The views of the lake all add up to a great road trip!

My bike is old, what it breaks down!!?

We REALLY like the Vintage bikes (and the newer ones too!)  This is an opportunity for you to get that old bike out and enjoy it! Taking any motorcycle out of the country is both exciting, but also scary... But rest easy! There are lots of us, and there will be a someone available to pick you and your bike up should you break down or have to quit for any reason. So relax and have a great time, you wont get left behind!

Things to think about.

Use a little common sense. You will be on a motorcycle for potentially12+ hours. Consider seat pads, wind screens, sun screen, layered clothing, a good helmet, a bottle of water, snacks, GPS and/or a map. There are plenty of gas stations along the way should you forget some items, but think about how weather can change in one day.  You bike needs to be ready, fresh oil, good tires and chain. It must be licensed and insured. And you MUST have that passport!

Where the heck is it?

We start at the Clare Mar Lakes Campground, a few miles south of Wellington, Ohio. Take Ohio SR58 south to New London Eastern Road, then turn west and watch for the campground about 1.5 miles down on the left.  We will have plenty off Food and Drink. You can Tent camp, RV camp, or rent some real nice Cabins for not much more than a good Motel. OR there are motels in Ashland OH, about 17 miles South.

How does everyone deal with road tolls?
Canada does not have any tolls as far as I now, but you will pay
a small fee ($5.00 I think) to cross the border. If you run the interstates in the US, you can use the EZ pass or I Pass or pay cash.

What route do I take? 
Well.. thats really up to you. We suggest you do a little research on Mapquest, etc.  Genrally,  we ride up to the I90 toll way the fastest way possible, the you can go either clockwise, or counter clockwise...  your choice.

Clockwise, run over to Toledo, hit the 275 bypass, then I75 up to Detroit, then onto the 401 in Canada, exit onto the 4031, then to the QEW up in Hamilton ON. Follow the QEW to Niagra Falls (Canada has some GREAT roads!), and cross back into the USA.  Jump on I190 which takes you to I90. Stay on I-90 till you get to Cleveland, then back south down to the camp ground!

Counter Clockwise would be the reverse...

The pre planning part helps on the back roads getting to and from the campground to the Interstate. Make notes, write up a little route cheat sheet. Some GPS dont work so well in Canada...

A message from a "Fist Time Looper" on the 2016 Race:
Last year was the first time I had ever heard of or raced the loop. I built a small trailer a week before leaving for my small 1985 rebel 250 and hitched it up to my goldwing. Rode for a few days to get there, camped out, rode the loop in 11.5 hours or so, took a nap and enjoyed the campgrounds and fellow racers. Then I loaded back up and rode home, visiting a few friends on the way back, time of my life.
If you are thinking about or going to run the race for your first time, here is my advice.

1. This is a well organized and all set up run/race. The wonderful people who put it on are your friends, rather you want them to be or not haha and they want you to have a good ride, a good time and a little adventure. Just like you, they are all fellow builders, wrenchers, and little bike perverts.

2. Most of it all is figured out for you but, if you have a question as I know I had a few before showing up, just ask ahead of time, this is not an old boys club, ask ye shall receive.

3. I showed up and camped out, I brought some snacks and an urn of coffee but what you don't have, the fellow looper camping next to you will. Ask and ye shall receive,.

4. This is fun, we are doing this for fun. Personally, I had a fuel leak before the race started, lost my spare fuel cell bracket in the middle of ghetto Detroit and had to pull over to fix it. There was a line to get into Canada, I did not have a transponder so I had to wait in line to pay cash for the turnpike toll roads, I had to use the restroom in the middle of the Canada, got put in handcuffs getting back into the U.S. for a formal interview, and hit monster headwinds in new york, did 50 the whole way back, got a little lost even with simple directions, TIME OF MY LIFE!!! It was so much fun I can't wait to do it again.

On a personal note, i get to do a few different types of racing like landspeed, cross country chopper racing, some long distance racing etc but as a single Dad I am, this was a well deserved self vacation for me. If you are a newbie, come on out, bring a little skoot and go for a ride around the lake. Meet fellow little bike perverts, enjoy the art of the machines, the joys of camping in nature and a good little ride

Should I Stop and Help a Fellow Looper?
we really don't take the "race" aspect of the loop to heart. When we see a fellow motorcyclist stuck on the side of the road, we usally take a break to see if we could help

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Any more questions?  Check out our facebook page or email me at allstateclub@yahoo.com

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